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Default Re: Will a decent MMORPG come out already!

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
I mean really? How long has it been since a REAL MMORPG has come out? DnD is laughable because of how bad it is. WOW is terrible. Even the WoW fanboi's are quitting it now. EQ2 is terrible. Horizon's was probably the most hyped peice of crap I have ever seen. Lineage 2 got boring fast. Dark Age of Camelot was fun at one point, but its old. To be honest, the only game out there is EQ1 and I'm sick of playing on a 7 year old game. Why are the only 2 MMORGP games in HISTORY to be at least decent older than dirt?

What MMORPG games are there to look forward to? Now is prime time for SOME kind of company to step up. Vanguard is still a WAYS away from being complete. What else is out there other than Vanguard? I've been pretty much MMORPG-less for the past 4-5 years(other than trying a game a quitting soon after).
I still like WoW. How long can a person play one game?

I have a idea. If you don't like the games the SHUT YOUR WHINNEY LIBEAL PIE-HOLE. CUS NO ONE CARES

all said with love, of course.

Besides WoW you are right. All the other mmos out there blow balls. I think we have just seen it all before and we need something dramatically different to satisfy us.
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