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Default Re: MMOs and boundries

I think most of the responses to this thread have been sad. Alot of people here are probably bashing athena for things they themselves at some point did. Regardless of the actual content of the post. Some have decided to just flame her for being open and up front about some of the social aspects of mmos and roleplaying in general. At the same time showing basically the true divide between those whom roleplay, those whom do not, and those whom bash it just for the sake of bashing it, because others do so.

How people decide to play these games is up to them. If they play them any differently then you, hardly makes them have less of a life then yourselves. We all are gamers here with a life those who are not gamers might consider odd strange and downright creepy. We spend vast amounts of money on hardware just so our polygons can have more effects on them, on a constant basis. Some spend this money just for the right to brag, and hardly play any games on the machine. Others spend it and play a load of games. We ALL need to "get a life" by the definition being thrown around in here.

But to flame a person for being open about somthing most of you wouldn't admit ever taking part of for fear of ridicule and thus taking part in the ridicule is by far more dissapointing.
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