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Default Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

eq2 runs ok for me with x2 @ 2ghz, 2 gigs of cas2.5 ram (2 sticks of 1 gig) and gf6800gt (256 megs).

But, my screen resolution is only 1152x684 (all my crt will handle at 100 refresh, anything less makes my eyes tired), and i have shadows and grass off (makes it easier for me to see things that matter, like collection glowies and chests), also I have pixel shader completely off. Pixel shader made game look better for me when I had ati 9800 pro, but with nvidia it just makes everything blurry when I am moving, just ugly (it happens to me with all drivers ever since I started using nvidia card, the card was originally on a 32 bit amd board, so it is somethign about how the card handles it, not system).

So all these features I have off I do not miss at all. When I raided I had textures options set to 256 meg card, but now that I pretty much only solo, I run them at maximum, and I really do not notice texture swapping anymore, even though my card is only 256 megs. Oh I also run it now at 2xQ antialisansing and 16x aniso. I probably only get 20-30 fps, but its enough for me and feels smooth, lol.
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