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Default 8762 Install Problems - Fedora Core 4 2.6.16

Hey everyone,

I've searched high and low for the solution to this problem, but to no avail.

Background info: Newby to Linux. Installed FC4 and MythTV. Had to compile my own kernel to remove DVB support to install drivers for new pcHDTV HD-5500 capture card. Re-compiled kernel and everything was good to go. I've downloaded the latest Linux drivers from NVIDIA and compiled them again my kernel using the --kernel-name='2.6.16-prep' argument. Yes, 2.6.16-prep is the name of my kernel under usr/src/.

The compile goes fine. I use the installer to configure my Xorg.confg file. Usually I try to do a "modprobe nvidia" and it says it can't find it. Anyway, I restart to see if I have any more luck and ultimately X reverts back to a new config using the "nv" driver. Looking at the logs for X, I see: "Module nvidia_1_0_8762 not found" and "Failed to load the Nvidia kernel module."

Normally I would think this was an issue with the compile, but I've looked at /var/log/nvidia-installer.log and the install is successful, it seems.

I'm getting frustrated and about ready to start from scratch, or try a different distro, or something. I'm getting so close to making this setup work though! Please let me know if you've had this problem and what you did, or maybe some ideas for debugging. Thanks!
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