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Unhappy Module not found error (debian, 1.0.8762)

Hello all,

I'm having a very strange problem with nvidia drivers since a few days...

I upgraded from 1.0.7174 to 1.0.8762 and nearly at the same time upgraded my kernel to the latest version of 2.6.16.
I had always manages without problems to install nvidia drivers with module assistant ( with any kernel )

As always, module-assistant built the package with no error, installed the files where they should be, etc. BUT "modprobe nvidia" simply returns : "FATAL: module nvidia not found."

I tried many things : check gcc versions (kernel was built with 4.0.3 while 4.1.1 is on my system too), install without module-assistant but still with debian packages... nothing was better.

Eventually I tried using the nvidia-?????.run package, which successfully compiled - not without difficulties since i had to modify the gcc symlink to redirect to the 4.0... It loaded, but when i reboot, it just crashed...

So I uninstalled latest kernel (and purged any configuration file), reinstalled it, and tried the debian way again : nothing better...

Does anyone have an idea of what I'm doing bad?

PS. I noticed that the fact of not having nvidia-glx installed crashes amarok with no explicit crash report... surprising...
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