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Originally posted by poursoul
Sorry? I didn't say attack. Actually I didn't say attack on purpose. Because it wasn't. Like I said, it was a call out. If not then why the front page? Why not resppond in our forums, or in your own, if it mattered. It was definately you disagreeing publicly (instead of through email, forum, or PM) for no reason.

BTW: Ass clown may be appropriate, but in my oppinion Solomon is the bigger ass-clown here. Every post seems to reak of put downs and unsubstantiated claims of wrong-doing. Never a positive post. Solomon: grow up.
Actually "attack" is exactly what you said. Sorry I "hurt" your feelings or whatever. It was never my intention to make you cry.

I addressed the statements on our front page because I wanted to. I think I have that right to do so. I did not "respond" in these forums because I wanted to address it with my readers, not NVN forum dwellers.

What exactly was I desagreeing with if you know so well?

Since you are going to name call further, I will share my opinion of you. You seem to be one of those guys yearing for attention, most likely because you were not breast fed long enough. I hope you feel good about your sensationalistic post. Maybe you need to write for the InqWell?
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