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Default Re: MMOs and boundries

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
OK, yeah it is weird Zelda, but do you honestly think that making fun of people and continuously talking down to them does anything except make them feel like crap and make you look like an asshole? Seriously man, who needs to get a life more, the guy that does some "odd" things online while playing a game (its all entertainment right?) or the guy that spends all night putting those people down for no good reason?

Come on man. Its one thing to say "ehh... thats weird, you shouldnt let yourself get that involved". Its another thing entirely to post 15 messages telling them how pathetic they are.

Get over it.

Holy f***.
Yeah, I'm spending all night talking down to this guy....

What really happened is I got into a bit of an argument with him. All these posts that I wrote in this topic took maybe 5 - 10 mintues of my life?

If someone responds back to me telling me what I'm saying is innappropriate, I'm gonna respond back. That's sort of what we do on a internet forum
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