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Default Re: MMOs and boundries

Originally Posted by killahsin
Thanks for trying to insult me. Nice trolling attempt.

All those wierdos what are we going to do they're NOT normal. What is the world coming to. All those sociologists doing the research what are they going to do. Obviously these people aren't normal because parts and zelda say so!
Im not saying meeting people on a game is weird.

I have my own experience with it.

Last year I met a girl on WoW and we met offline on two occasions, me being from Canada and her from the USA, but we never did any cybering or any non IN PERSON things, because we both believed that it was unhealthy and weird, and if we did do stuff like that I think it wouldve been really awkward when we met in person... so I just never had any desire to partake in that kind of thing anyway, some of what it says in that article applies to it aswell, we talked a lot in chat, then started using teamspeak and the phone to talk and yeah, eventually said those 3 words "I love you" to each other before we actually met.

When she came to see me we had the greatest time and all was looking well, but when I went to see her, things turned out not so great in the end.

I'll tell you one thing, i'll never do anything like that ever again, meeting someone from online that is, and it has nothing to do with what ive been saying is "weird".

I havent played any MMO's since.
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