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Default Re: MMOs and boundries

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
I could humiliate you and make a poll asking if people who "cyber with warcraft babes" are losers. But I don't think I need to go that far.

20 couples, out of the millions of MMORPG subscribers. Yeah, that's a real convincing stat. Because you know, if .001% of the people do it - it's normal.

humiliate me? Why would that be humiliating to me? are you trying to insinuate that because I have stated that there are actual sociology discussions about people 'hooking up' in mmos that I somehow cyber with every female in wow? Also you will notice that they stated that is couples who got married in game and outside of the game, and thats how the publisher knew, because they assisted in the online weddings. Secondly the stat you quoted is the small one the large one is 50 million people are playing mmos, and 30 % of them are women 39% of those women have dated someone from an mmo they met. That is the stat I am refering to. But because I try to make this an educational, intelligent discussion you again try to insinuate things and resort to trying to ridicule me now. Thank you for playing.
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