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Default CS Source and GeForce GO 6800 Ultra

Please help me guys, anyone.

I have a Dell XPS M170 Gaming Laptop. It uses a GeForce Go 6800 Ultra as said above. I always play source on this machine with no problem at all, untill recently.

The problem is everytime I play CS:Source, the average fps I recieve is about 45 fps. Its weird because when I do the video stress test, it averages at 76.9 FPS.

To solve the problem I tried the following.

-Reinstalling Source
-Drivers (even though non are offered at for GF Go)
-Changed resolution.
-Turned off Speed Step
-Plugged AC adapter
-Even Reformatted to have a clean comp.

Still I get sluggish quality, which makes no sense because I saved up so much for this super gaming computer and its giving me mediocre performance. It never used to do this before.

Please help me someone if you know the problem. Here are the specs for my computer.

Dell XPS M170
-Intel Pentium M 2.13GHz
-2.0 GB of Ram
-GeForce GO 6800 Ultra 256 MB
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