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Default Re: NForce 590 SLI Raid drivers

I found some further information. On the nvidia kb, they have some info on this:

However, I am not very impressed for a couple reasons. First it basically appears to be a software raid solution. What's the point of having a raid card if it's just going to use a driver that uses a software raid solution? Also it apears that it cannot be integrated into the kernel. This means that you cannot boot straight off of the raid.

Well I guess I should have done more research before buying this board. If I had known this ahead of time I probably would not have bought a board with an nvidia chipset.

If anyone from nvidia actually monitors this it please pass it on that the solution that nvidia chose with this is a cop-out. If you are willing to provide drivers for the vista-beta that can boot off of the raid, why can't you provide a quality linux solution?
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