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Unhappy Windows 2000 system crashed, GeForce MX 4000 AGP

My son's Windows 2000 system crashed.

Mboard: Aopen AX63; BIOS: r1.13, Processor: PIII 500mHz 512mb; 137gb HD (actually Seagate 160); Win2000 Pro sp4.

Bios runs and lists HD and CD, but I can't run Win2000 nor SafeMode (it allowed me to try safemode once but quit and restarted, now I canít).
Seagate HD CD is all that will boot in CDROM, not win2000 (ntfs) CD, (have been able to see C: 137gb and "quick test" HD and "update" MBR, but Diskwizard's DDO (disk drive overlay) no longer loads at startup) and I donít want to reformat HD if I can help it.
Bootdisk.comís Win98 (fat32) floppy is all that will boot in floppy drive, not Win2000 disk 1.

1. Installed 2005 model Graphics Card: BFG GeForce MX 4000 AGP 128mb. Downloaded and installed Nvidia driver.
2. Installed Dawn of War game. Ran couple of times, and restarted okay.
3. Per GeForce cdís readme made suggested setup: cmos-bios-chipset changes. ie. disable shadows, disable vga,,blah,blah, init=AGP, aperture=128mb, etc.
4. Per GeForce cdís readme downloaded mob AX63 bios r1.31 (.bin and .exe) for bios flashing and system driver 4in1.exe update, but have not installed.
5. Downloaded and installed ZipGenius to uncompress the AX63 stuff. Note: errored unzipping, froze, had to restart and do again.
6. Installed GameDrive from BFG cd (Virtual disk program storage) but did not use yet.
7. My son had AIM (trident) running and left computer on overnite. Next morning was froze up and windows would never start correctly???
8. Also, I had forgotten to turn Nortonís Antivirus back onÖ (had disabled ď5 hrsĒ) Virus?

Now Iíve tried:
1. via win98 floppy have attempted to copy NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM to C: from another floppy.
2. With Seagate cd have been able to see C: 137gb and "quick test" HD and "update" MBR. But still canít get Windows running.

What now? Iím not well experienced in DOS. Can I check for virus if cd not booting? Most often used by my son are AIM, msIE and Itunes.

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