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Default Installing kernel module for newly installed kernel


I have had this problem since I use your linux driver (about 3 years) and I have always been too lazy to inquire about why it is not working. But /each/ time it is irritating. I guess the problem comes from me, but I don't know what it is...

Initial condition:
(1) I have downloaded the installer, e.g.
(2) Installed it with success using "sh ./NVIDIA*run"
(3) Erased installer "rm ./NVIDIA*run"
(4) Used happily my linux box with kernel 2.6.x for a while...

Problem description:
I have just compiled 2.6.y and would like to have my nvidia kernel module ready for next boot up. Reading the info from "nvidia-installer -A" (advanced help) I understand I should be using something like

# nvidia-installer -K -k 2.6.y

But I always get the error "No Package found"? What package is he looking for? Is it the file "" which I have?

So I could finally do what I wanted by downloading the run-file again and calling

# sh ./ -e --ui=none -n -N -K -k 2.6.y

So the questions:

(A) Is it really necessary to keep the run file to do this? Can't one use nvidia-installer?

(B) What is the "package"? Is it the above named "NVIDIA*run" file?

(C) Why doesn't the nvidia-installer try to download the appropriate package to solve the problem itself?

(D) The help is really not helpful. The only hint given by nvidia-installer is to look into "nvidia-installer --help" options, which none have to do with any "package".

Thanks for any inspiring comments / replies.
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