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Default Re: Anyone want a chance to be in Vanguard Beta?

Originally Posted by Parts
I was in beta for a while, found a lot of bugs, got invited to join next phase, but then my client kept crashing on load and I read you needed SP2 to make it work properly and even Vanguard isnt worth that to me.
I totally agree... i mean service pack 2.. why install that for a game right? Who cares that service pack 2 is probably the BEST thing to ever be released by microsoft or the fact that it solves most all windows security problems or that without it you are just praying to get a virus. Doesn't microsoft know that we LOVE to get virus'(like you apparently do). So yes, don't install service pack 2

(to those who can't notice sarcasm, you are a ****ing idiot if you don't install service pack 2.)
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