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Default Re: Anyone want a chance to be in Vanguard Beta?

I have a few spots open if anyone is still interested.

Also if you guys do want to check out our forums its If any of you are legitly considering joining the guild(instead of just using me ) you can pretty much find out all of our information on the website. We have been around for 8 years. We have over 100 dedicated members. Some that have been with us for 8 years, some have joined pretty recently. If you roleplay alot, I'd advise you to look somewhere else as we will probably make fun of you and call you cruel names . We are just a bunch of regular joes who like playing games and thats about as "deep" as we go. Just being honest . I'm not trying to "advertise" people to join the guild. However I am saying that this beta invite is for GUILDS so I imagine you have to be in the guild to be in the beta. At least you will know something about it.

Anyway, i am giving out about 5 more invites if anyone is interested. And again, I cannot promise anything on if you will be accepted or not.
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