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Default Re: X windows crashes system when started with nvidia

Hrm, i have the exact same problem with my 32 bit system. The symptoms are similar, except i am running geforce 6600 go on a lappy. Is there anything i can do to fix this? It is not a mobo/bios problem.

After i installed the latest 8762 and made the module, it would work, but on reboot, would not fire up again. Had to change to init1(ubuntu) and either rebuild the module which will work untill next boot, or go into Xorg.conf and switch it to nv. It seems to show a driver missmatch between 7174 and 8762, so something isn't being removed or changed when i installed the new driver. i re-installed 7174, but the graphics need to be at 8762 to view some of the games i have. Please help!
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