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Question Best MMORPG for me?

My only experience with playing one was Ultima Online Rennaisance way back in the day. I am getting interested again. What I am looking for in a game is a combination of my experience and talking to other people.

I like

1) noncombat skills to play a role in the game
2) for the players to be able to make weapons/armore/clothing of higher quality than what you can find in a store, and that players get experience when they make them.
3) Similarly, to be able to make things from raw materials and then sell them to other players
4) I like bards! My personality leads me to no other option than to choose this character, if available.
5) I prefer to bunny bash solo at first, but from what I hear Everquest II forces you to party up immediately
6) I like the fact that Everquest has big bad ass dragons in it. I even like the fact they have an apocalyptic fellow named "Sleeper" who literally destroys everything for maps around if you wake him up. Everquest II probably does something with this storyline, or has some other similarly dramatic event in it I'm sure.
7) I like the fact that some cities have holidays at times in Final Fantasy XI and that merchants then become available selling items that cannot usually be found in stores.
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