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Default Re: Best MMORPG for me?

Originally Posted by a12ctic
WoW is a GREAT game, but after a few months it gets OLD and leveling gets really boring, the quests are all simular and grinding is no more, by lvl 40 i had gotten so bored i had made a guild to keep me company and had most of the world uncovered on my map and had pretty much every flight path that i could (even the lvl 60 zones). If your worried about little kids ****ing up your game, the horde seems to be much more mature in general, at least from what ive experianced.
WoW is a great game IMO too. Horde for life. 60 elemental shaman, 60 feral druid, and 60 mage here. I also have a few other 20s, 30s, and 40s, but after you do the 0 to 60 thing enough, you don't want to do it anymore. The key is to find a great guild that matches your playstyle and focus on one toon that you enjoy playing.
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