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Originally posted by FrgMstr
Your insight is amazing as well but you simply do not have the reach to understand my motivation. The post was not meant to "help". It was meant to point out someone talking trash and starting situations based on sensationalistic posts.

The person posting this thread has no basis for the subject nor the content of his post and I simply called him on it. I guess this is a "fanforum" as well?
I hate getting into this type of thread, but anyway...

You've obviously got the right to post what you think. I, for one, don't see a problem with it.
I understand you want to talk about such things with your readers.

But please don't say you don't see what people would consider wrong in your statements. Because that can't be true.
The problem with your statement is that you are implying that Volt is a fanboy, and that nV News is not an objective website.

While you are free to post such opinions, I refuse to believe that you didn't know you were going to get such complains from some people at nV News when you posted that. It's human to not like to be insulted, really.

Now, does that mean I think anyone should be able to insult anyone for any reason? Of course not! But in your case, it seems fairly justified to me. I'm not saying that volt is a fanboy: but it seems justified to think that he might be one, based only on that news item.

IMO, it might have been better if you made your message less aggressive. The following, for example:
It will be interesting to soon see Mike's take on the NV31/34 that "came out as scheduled".
I just don't see how that type of comment is required... It's aggressive, and doesn't add anything to your argument.
Of course, other people might think it does - but that's what opinions are all about, no?

Anyway, the word "attack" used in the original post is possibly exagerated. But insulting him because he said that, which is probably what he felt, is much worse.

And for the record, I do not believe this is a "fanboy forum".
We've got fanboys, sure. But we've also got a lot of people who truly aren't. And some people who actually don't like nVidia at all.
So, overall, I'd say this isn't a "fanboy site"

Thanks for reading,

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