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Default Re: Best MMORPG for me?

WoW is right out. Since I am disqualifying it discussions to its merits should be taken elsewhere. Don't argue with me.

FFXI - can bards make their own instruments? Collect raw materials to make them?

In a related note it is plain that Ultima Online is on its last legs. You can't buy a new copy anymore! Comments are that they appear to be de-emphasizing crafting in favor of munchkinnish treasure hunting in an effort to get more subscribers. They're barking up the wrong tree, you are never going to attract munchkins with an arhaic game engine anyway. They are frittering away their only gimmick. I think they should develop a sequel with a game engine similar to NWN. In fact, why not license Bioware's game engine? NWN sucks as a single player but the game engine is a superb modernization of an isometric perspective.

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