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Default suse 10.1 not suspending to ram.

i know i posted about this before and i know this topic is old but it would seem each occurance of this is unique to an extent, so here goes.

i have an asus v9999GT, which for all those not up on your 3rd party model numbers is a Nvidia 6800GT AGP. I run it on a gigabyte GA-7n400 pro2 rev.2.0 (nforce2 chipset on there) with an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ and 1GB ram (ddr 333).

now i have done weeks worth of research on this and comp up with nothing much except what is contained in the following link:

As you will see i have done quiet a bit towards finding a solution. even recompiling my kernel to remove all agp drivers.

anyway, I'm in desperate need of a fix for this because it's starting to stretch my patience to an extreme (i am normally a extremely patient person). I have a feeling it is something to do with the suspend software in suse 10.1 or something to do with the acpi features in the kernel.

anyway i hope someone has a solution for this. cheers for any help that you can provide.


p.s. as a side note i would also like to know how to enable fast writes.

cheers again all
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