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Default Re: Windows 2000 system crashed, Clarified Step #7

7. My son had left computer on overnite. Next morning he shut down Limewr and launched AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and while it was "verifying" his screen went black. He restarted but Win2000 progress bar never completed before computer would auto restart and repeat.
Now I can't boot HD C: at all..? Win98 floppy is all that will boot in floppy, in dos I can see dir of win2000 CD but can't mount..? And the only CD I can boot (with my limited knowledge) is Seagate's..?
Is there a way to force boot Norton's and/or Win2000 CD? Something I can do in DOS?

Then I did the as Frank Barone from everybody loves Raymond would say, "O' Krap!"
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