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Default Dual NIC system-only one at a time will work

I have a Tyan S2895 system board that is a replacement for a failed board of the same make/model. The install of CentOS goes fine and there are no errors. I can even update the system with the all the latest updates. As long as I have only 1 NIC functioning all is well. Less than 5 minutes after plugging in NIC 2 and bringing it up both NICs will stop sending traffic. Sometimes I will see "buffer is full" error messages. Occasionally I can bring both interfaces down and bring one back up to get things working again but as soon as I have both interfaces running networking stops functioning. There are no messages in the system logs or anywhere else for that matter.

Originally I had CentOS 4.3 x86_64 on it and it ran fine until it failed. At this time I've tried both versions of CentOS 4.3 (32 and 64 bit) and have the same networking problem. For the record Fedora Core 5 and Windwos 2003 Server do not exhibit this problem when installed on this hardware. Just CentOS shows this problem.

Anyone have any ideas? Is there a newer nVidia networking kernel module floating around out there that I can use?

Tyan S2895
2x Opteron 246
8x Corsair 512MB (4GB total)
3Ware 9500S-8 RAID controller with 4 SATA drives attached
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