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Default Re: Best MMORPG/RPG For PvP?

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Actually Wolfpack studios is dead, but many of the team went off and created Stray Bullet Games which is now a third party developer, unlike wolfpack which was owned by Ubisoft.

SBG will keep Shadowbane alive untill Ubisoft kills it. SBG does not own none of the IP or Copyrights that are tied to the game. They are basically keeping it alive to please the remaining 10 players.

Don't give me none of that carebear BS, if the game had such great PVP it wouldn't have failed so horribly. From day one it was plagued with problems and even know it suffers many horrible issues. The PVP system is boring and the world is just as boring. Its empty and just dull. Sure its pure PVP but when the game looks like dog **** and plays like it, The best PVP in the world cant save it.

The best PVP title is Lineage 2, It has Faction wars, a good PVE and a legit penalty system for griefers. The engine is stable enough for 500+ player wars and castle sieges.

Lineage 2 has the worst pvp of the genre. Oh yes and my clan was the 3rd(and 1st on our server) of all the lineage 2 servers to take over giran. We played all beta's and the retail version up until chronicle 2. It is the worst pvp game of the mmo genre with the most 'pvp' if you can call it that. There is NO pvp, there is only grief wars, done by manipulating the anti grief system, and castle sieges are laughable, albeit entertaining the first few times. In fact I would have to say the best pvp games have to be between daoc a game in which i have never played and uo a game in which i did play.
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