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Default Re: Best MMORPG for me?

I have heard different things about the solo play on EQ2. Someone at Amazon said you have to party up to go on level increasing quests? Maybe someone can clarify.

Does EQ2 have the "role playing" or the "Thunderhammer" server for EQ2? I had a co-worker once who played EQ1 and he always played on the role playing server which is apparently where all the grown ups went to play. It was somewhat dubious whether it would continue because it was so unpopulated it barely broke even for Verant to maintain it. What really screwed things up is when they introduced the "thunderhammer" server, which cost twice as much per month but had a lot more treasure on it. The problem is that you could transfer an already existing character to Thunderhammer and back again, and all these munchkins started showing up on the role playing server which destroyed the integrity of the game.
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