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I was looking on how to update my kernel, and I found this on the MandrakeLinux site:
Error scenario: When installing using an Nvidia card on some particular monitors, X11 is badly configured and cannot start.
Why: The installer misdetects a Plug'n Play monitor and configures it incorrectly in the Monitor section of XF86Config-4.
Solution: Format a floppy disk with a DOS filesystem (in Linux, you can use the command "mkdosfs /dev/fd0"). Copy to the floppy disk. Remove the floppy and reboot using the Mandrake Linux 9.0 CD1 to do a CD-ROM installation. During boot, press F1 at the splash screen, then place your floppy disk that contains in the floppy drive. At the prompt, type "patch", then follow the installation as usual.
Could it be...?
There might be one slight problem: I don't have a floppy drive...

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