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Default Re: Lindows OS 3.0 did anyone try it ?

Originally posted by -=DVS=-
Hey guys i just noticed Linux have new or is it old os called
Lindows did anyone tryd it already ?

Was wondering is it Linux with new look ? if you would get one what drivers could you install Linux have bearly any support from Nvidia and ATI ?

I am just curious about this new OS
I didn't try it but if you use the "source" drivers from nvidia it should work(Yes linux is supported by nvidia !) . If this fail then you could install a stock kernel from
and install the drivers after that ...
Lindows is NOT a new os , they use as a base
Debian so you can use the debian free programms without paying anything :,746189,00.asp
IMHO you better use other good and trusted distro , this is the list : Redhat, mandrake,gentoo,slackware,debian ...
If you want a new look (windows like ) watch this

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