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Default Re: Will a decent MMORPG come out already!

Originally Posted by Cambo
I'm surprised no-one has mentioned Anarchy Online.

Yes, it's been around for a while, and it ain't perfect, but it's a fun game, and you can even try it out for free. In fact, I've been playing for over 18 months on a free account, and thoroughly enjoy it.

The basic game is the free bit, with the Shadowlands, Notum Wars, and Alien Invasion expansions being subscription only.

There's another expansion coming out in about 6 months or so, called Lost Eden.

Anyway, if any of you do decided to try it out, I can often be found hanging out in Borealis on one of my many toons ;-)

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Your spamming now (Im also guessing your advertising, not even changing your post from the previous one)... as for AO, its total ****. One of the worse MMOs out there. There is a reason why people don't play it and they had to go free just to attract people. I beta tested the game aswell as played retail when it launched, its a horrible game. The funny thing is that EQ1 looks better then it...
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