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Default Re: suse 10.1 not suspending to ram.

I have the same problem. AMD64 system, Nforce3 chipset, 6800GT.

S2RAM, S2DISK both fail. If I S2RAM or S2DISK in console mode my system DOES come back up, but I get no video; I can login as root (at console) and reboot my system.

I have so far determined nothing ;-) Fast writes don't help. Here's how you work modprobe.conf.local, on suse (by the way, the file you want is modprobe.conf.local, not modprobe.conf . Don't touch modprobe.conf)

options nvidia <insert module options here>

so for fastwrites type what septo wrote in the bottom line of modprobe.conf.local .

SuSE sources modprobe.conf.local AFTER modprobe.conf , so anything there will get loaded. Additionally, you could create a separate file in modprobe.conf.d/ , called "nvidia" , and drop that line in it. the entire contents of modprobe.conf.d/ will be sourced by modprobe

I'm determined to get Suspend working, too, but I don't have a lot of time. Please post your solution here if you get it, I will as well.
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