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Default PC-BSD 1.11 - Nvidia Driver 8762 Problems

Hi guys,
I'll be a little bit longer trying to explain my problem. Sorry for that .
I'm having a strange problem that frustating me a lot.
I was using my PC-BSD 1.1 (a FreeBSD 6.1 fork really user friendly and desktop oriented) with the current nvidia 8762 driver. All went smoot and really good.

I've updated my PC-BSD 1.1 to 1.11 and after the update the nvidia driver not works anymore.

The update from release 1.1 to release 1.11 was about this :
* Updated installed ports to current versions as of 6-12-06
* Updated KDE to 3.5.3
* Removed linux-base-rh9 port from default install, allowing PBI developers to
install their own. (Not removed from patch update)
* Added additional video drivers to default kernel. (Intel 3D, Vodoo, etc)
* Adding users now uses the /usr/share/skel template.
* Cleaned up fonts, uses Sans Serif family by default now.
* Allowed users to change account icon in kdmrc
* Changed console resolution to 800x600
* Claned up /etc/resolv.conf
* Fixed IPV6 hostname in /etc/hosts

I compiled again the driver using the files distributed from nvidia. All goes ok.
I installed it an after the requested reboot I've a nvidia logo scrambled and the PC-Goes so slow; I've to hard reset it.

The strange thing is that this Happen on a fresh PC-BSD 1.11 installation too on a 2 different PC. In fact this happened, the first time, on my current PC where I'm using a Geforce PNY 5900XT with a XP3000+ (this one was upgraded from 1.1 to 1.11) and happend too, a second time, on a fresh PC-BSD 1.11 installation on a Dual MP2200+ + Gigabyte 5900XT.

Seems to be only a 5900XT related problem because some other guys, that using PC-BSD 1.11 and nvidia driver, currenlty don't have had this problem.

To exclude any hardare problem I've reverted the installation to 1.1 and nvidia driver begin to work again so good.

Is there any knoiw issue with xorg-server-6.9.04 or xorg-client -6.9.0 or KDE 3.5.3 ?

Thanks for your attention.

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