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Default Re: 4096 virtual screen limit with 1.0-8756

Not sure if you've thought of this, but you could try running without TwinView..just run multiple displays at your chosen resolution and then use "normal" Xinerama to join them together. That should work.

I'm running three 1600x1200 displays (2 video cards..a 7900 GTX and an NVS 440) with no size-related problems. However, I am having the same issue with xcompmgr breaking using multiple desktops/large desktops. Works ok (well, it grays my screen background, but otherwise ok) with one 1600x1200 display, but I get weirdness (gray background, screen flickering, corrupting gkrellm/other windows, covering over windows entirely) with all 3 running.

Anyone have any ideas on this?
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