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Default Re: Best MMORPG for me?

Originally Posted by dnewhous

FFXI - can bards make their own instruments? Collect raw materials to make them?
Well FFXI uses a job system. You get a Job and a Subjob. You can be one race and have every job in the game on that one character.

So like your character could be a 75bard but also be a 75 of any other job (theres like 18 of them available)

Bards can make their own instruments in some cases, but its not because theyre a bard. It would be because they are a crafter that uses a craft that can make instruments at some point in time. I think woodworking and bonecrafters can make them.

The game is complex. People have to execute skillchains with weapon skills they develop as they train in that weapon enough. The skill chains will show cool effects and do damage on top of what the party already is dishing out.

The bard is pretty much a buffer class and a monster controlling class (they use Foe Lullaby alot to sleep a 2nd monster while the group kills the first)

FFXI is a good game and i reccomend you try it out, the graphics are a little dated of course but this is probably the only game that i look past graphics and enjoy the awesome storyline that plays out thru the missions/quests and the great gameplay experiences.

Yes theres noobs in FFXI, a great amount of the population is mature smart helpful people tho.

So yea if you dont mind a game with lower emphasis on pvp (its in there but nobody really likes standing there slashing eachother over and over again) And instead a higher emphasis on pve and pve encounters such as the new besieged mode where pretty much the usefullness of the new city depends on how good you and other players are at keeping the NPCs alive from monster raids.

Then this could be the game for you.

:Edit: Btw if you join up go on Alexander server. And PM me for a worldpass if you cant find one online. (you need it to get on a server you choose)

Alexander because the economy is great compared to other servers hit harder by chinafarmers.

I switched over from Garuda because i lost my playonline info anyway. (Make sure you store it in a safe spot because its important *dont be like the stoner* :P)
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