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Default Re: Best MMORPG/RPG For PvP?

I have a buddy who plays L2, he showed me some FRAPS videos of him and his guild pvping.

From what I saw, alot of confusion alot of running around etc.


Becuase it was a huge siege on a castle! The little dwarves had war golems! And he said his guild gets tons of Adena (ingame currency) just for holding that castle they took in the video.

Freakin sweet if u ask me. I get my pvp jollies from CS:S and BF2 so I wouldnt join a MMO just for awesome pvp action. But if thats your thing id say L2 is your best bet.

BTW its a pain in the ass to level to high high level in L2 so if you dont like working for your character play somethin else like GuildWars or something.
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