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Default Re: titan quest?

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
I never order from EB or Gamestop, They have horrible service... trust me I know, I use to work for them. They couldn't even get the products to their own stores on time.
*Sigh* We need more online distribution. I like StarDock's model. You can download the game, there is no copyright protection, you only need a serial if you want to use their online services or updates, which are plentifuly and free. PS: GalCiv2 is amazing.

Valve comes in 2nd although I dislike how closely integrated steam is with the games distributed over it.

Never used Direct2Drive, although I hear there can be significant lag time before patches for games you've gotten through it show up, since you can't use the normal patches for those games. They are planning to put Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines on Direct2Drive, it'll be amusing to see how they handle the patches since its 3rd party patches which make the game PLAYABLE :P
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