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Talking 3dMark2k3 Comparision and Digitalwanderer

Link to source

Lol that was funny , this is what Digitalwanderer posted &..

By Digitalwanderer
I HATE 3dm2k3!!!!!
Nothing against FutureMark, and I don't really feel it's a biased test and I do feel it fairly measures some things very well....I just HATE how it makes all my rigs feel like antique junkers!!!!
It happened with 3dm2k, and also again when 3dm2k1 came out...the damn things just show of all the weaknesses of my systems in a way that games won't for a couple of years yet!
Anyone else remember how exciting it was when the damned dragon carousel finally started looking smooth? Or heck, when I could finally see Nature RUN for the first time!
Now this.
Whenever a new onion test comes out, it just gets me upgrade blood boiling. It's dumb, it's wrong; but by the Gods and all I hold to be holy and true IT IS!
Am I the only one?

This is funny part

Digitalwanderer.. this is a warning...
step away from the the coffee machine slowly...
we repeat...
step away from the coffee machine slowly and no one will get hurt... put the coffee cup down!!
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