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Yeah game crashed on my too when I did the Caves Side-Quest, I found a way around it though. Don't port out of the cave right away... walk out of it and then do it. Seems theres a bug with the teleport and that cave. I had my save game curropted but I really don't mind since its less then 30mins into the game.

I am disappointed that the slowdown from the demo that had to do with the caves hasn't been fixed at all. It seems it only happens on first level caves but as soon as you go down to the second level its all better, Really weird.

Over all, The game is fun. I found it easiest to play a straight Warrior. No Skills to really worry about, just beat the hell out of things and you make more money since you can sell almost everything you find.

Im an hour into the game so far, and having tons of fun.
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