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Default Re: Best MMORPG/RPG For PvP?

Well you will be hard pressed to find one IMHO that is like Diablo. IMHO if you really want some "Hardcore" pvp look at EveOnline. Sure it'll take you 2-3 months to finally finish training all your skills on your character but trust me the PVP in EvEOnline is very hardcore.

There is nothing like taking that new Battleship you just dropped a few hundred million isk's on into 0.0 space and watching it get blown up and then having your character be pod'd. You want a game with "Hardcore" PvP then EveOnline is that game. The only problem with EvEOnline is that A.) To develop a well rounded character it takes a good amount of time, planning and investigation on your part and B.) There isn't much to do other then mining, or mission running while you wait for PvP skills to train. You can run trade routes but again if you don't have the right skills trained to defend that nice cargo hauler of yours you are going to be free fish for someone eventually. The same could be said about mining in 0.0 space. In fact anything having to do with you going into 0.0-0.5 space will require you to be able to defend yourself against other players or NPC pirates/rats.

If you decide to give EvE a shot make sure you get into a good noob friendly corporation because it makes a ton of difference. EvE is a game that rewards people for being social. Also make sure to visit the forums and to read the noob FAQ's. EveOnline is a very deep game and learning the basics is a must if you want to survive in 0.0 space once you get there.

If I could sum up EveOnline in one pharse I'd say.....

"In space no one can hear you scream."
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