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Default Re: Best MMORPG/RPG For PvP?

Originally Posted by K007
WoW PvP Blows.

- Honor System is gay
- World PvP is pretty much dead thanks to BGs
- PvP Gear rewarded items are not as effective as those attained through PvE...apart from maybe 1 or 2 items, (even with the lateast patch though i they took the right direction but only made T2 Armor update while T1 PvP Armor was asked to regrind).
- PvE Items > PvP Items in PvP...
- BG Queues. 20-30 mins on Blackrock for Horde.
- Blizzard dosen't PvP. There PvE team balances the PvP..and they have no ****ing clue.
- To attain anything above Rank 12 will need you to play 20-24 hours a day, no sleep, no break, no leaving the computer, for 2-3 months.
- If your grinding the Honor System, and you just happend to miss PvP like 1 or 2 days of the 7 day update most probably will decay.

WoW is a PvE game with a really ****ty PvP system. 1.12 is going to bring cross realm PvP BG's, this is nice..but they still haven't fixed the major problem in the game..and thats the Honor System.

I have done a caster Warlock to Rank 13, and decided the Rank 14 rewards are much better as a Warrior than a caster. If i did get Rank 14 on my Warlock before..i would be pissed after 1.11 patch because i cannot get the much needed (blizzard admits to it) caster items that was added. They want players to maintain Rank 14...Even though i did get rank 14 on my warrior i was so pissed that i uninstalled the game/destroyed the discs and threw it in the bin..its the one thing i eva did right in a very long time =).

Maintain Rank 14 my ass...someone who got Rank 14 two months ago is no different to than someone who got rank 14 after 1.11..yet they reward those who didnt get rank 14 first on there server...i mean..20-24 hours a day..i went 3-4 days no sleep at one point near the end of my grind to get rank 14..and they spat on the ex-rank 14 face..

They should fix honor system before they try to add new things to the game because in terms of PvP..the game is really ****...but hey all the new **** they add for PvE players like the AD / CC rep related resistance items wont need them to regrind the rep from the start.its there from the vendor..

I am sure you are eagerly awaiting WarHammer Online.
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