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Default Re: Will a decent MMORPG come out already!

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
But Warcraft has nothing to do with space... or other planets... If anything I would say Warcraft took more from LOTR and D&D then Warhammer. Yes, I know Warhammer has a medevil setting aswell but it isn't as popular as the space setting.
Ummm....Outland is on another planet and that is where WoW's Orcs orginally came from. The Burning Legion has conquered planet after planet prior to being lead to Azeroth by the Night Elves and High Elves ( aka...Blood Elves who once looked like Night Elves ). Read the lore of WoW and you'll understand how much Blizzard lifted from Warhammer.

Once Sargeras saw that his armies were amassed and ready to follow his every command, he launched his raging forces into the vastness of the Great Dark. He referred to his growing army as the Burning Legion. To this date, it is still unclear how many worlds they consumed and burned on their unholy Burning Crusade across the universe.
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