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I haven't had a single problem with the game so far. Played it all night tonight. The game runs silk smooth and it's maxxed out except for AA. I run @ 12x10. As well, some where saying something about a problem with the caves, been in about 5-6 so far, no problems at all. I haven't missed any quests so far and I'm on to my 3 point and I'm level 9. My computer fans don't pick up either and nvmonitor shows everything is fine too when I exit. The game is very fun and I'm enjoying it immensely kicking serious butt!! Dual weapons is so awesome!

Originally Posted by LurkerLito
Ok problem solved. Alcohol 120% was the problem. Even though I uninstalled it a while ago. It seems it did some crap to my registry. Here is the securom page in case anyone else has this issue:
Strange, I run Alcohol and Daemon tools and no problems here. The protection is nice on this game too, although you need the cd to load up, you can take it out anytime afterward. 5 hours straight no problems with no cd in the drive. Nocd doesn't even seem warrantable for this game.
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