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Default Re: Can new 7950 owner post their 3dmark05/06 score here?

With my GX2 at stock and my measly 300mhz oc on the cpu, i get these craptastic scores.
'05 - 11515, bad huh. I was hoping for 12k
'06 - 7721, now this is a bit better but hope to hit 8k in the future

I think its the cpu holding me back to some extent, but i didnt know that cpu speed helped that much in 05. Incidentally i tested '03 for a laugh and got 31034 which was nice.

I tested '05 with multi gpu disabled to check that i was using both gpus and i got 8431, is that right? It seems that multi gpu is working, maybe i shouldnt mess about with the profile lol. Anyone know how to revert a profile back to defaults? Or what the best performance profile for '05 would be?
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