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Default Re: titan quest?

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Welp, Im writing this down as one of the buggiest titles I have played. For the third time I had to restart over due to saved game curroption. Im starting to get pissed.
I've heard if you just keep trying to load the game, it eventually works. I've also heard if you delete the FOY folder in your save game directory, it fixes it.

I finally got my copy today. Haven't played a ton, up to Level 7 and just got past what was in the demo. It runs really well on my laptop, although I don't max things out. 1200x768 widescreen resolution, high textures, medium everything else. I was getting pretty bad audio hitching, but after I defragged (3rd time in a week) things went much better. Turned out the audio file was fragmented into over 200 parts! Jeeze, a fresh install on a freshly defragged HD doesn't do much huh?

I've heard all kinds of crazy issues. The leading theory seems to be that they fubared the multithreaded engine for this game, as all problems are horribly exagerated on hyperthreaded/dual-core systems.
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