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Default Re: BIOS help with GeForce4 440 Go

Thanks for offering to help me out. First you'll need to download the nvflash program. You can find it here:

Here are the instructions.

1. Create a bootable floppy disk. I believe that windows xp will automatically create a bootable floppy if you select that option when formatting the disk.

2. Copy the nvflash files onto the floppy.

3. With the video card installed in the laptop (this is the GeForce4 440 Go 64mb version) reboot the laptop with the floppy in the a: drive.

4. Once the computer is booted into dos at the a:\ prompt type “nvflash.exe --save bios.rom” (the actual name you choose for the rom file doesn’t really matter, I’m just using this as an example. This will copy the bios file from the video card onto the floppy drive. Once you’ve done that you can just reboot and e-mail me the .rom file.

5. If you want to try to copy the good BIOS onto your bad card you'll need to reboot with the floppy in and the bad card installed. Then, at the A:\ prompt type "nvflash bios.rom" or whatever you named the bios file. This should flash the bios using the copy you got from the good card.

If you want to see all of the other available commands with nvflash you can do just type “nvflash.exe /?”. I hope this works. It’s kind of my last ditch effort to salvage this card. I really do appreciate you doing this for me.

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