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Default Re: Can new 7950 owner post their 3dmark05/06 score here?

The opterons aren't overclocked, running at default 2.6 (2642).
The xfx cards came at a default of 570/1550 but they ran full bore (warm) the whole time since the bios of the cards was set to stay at the 3d speed.

Took nvidia ref bio 2, modded it to the same v and speed, gpu, mem etc setting of the xfx and now it runs slower (stock) in 2d mode and shifts to 570/1550 in 3d mode.

So... the system is still STOCK.

I've been playing with the mem timings as well as the afr sfr settings. I've got it up over 23,000 in 3d mark 05 but I still feel like something is dragging. Any suggestions? (other than overclocking, I want it optimized before I overclock)


Dual Opteron Dual Core 2222s (OC 3.17GHz)
2 evga Superclocked 8800 GTX SLI (650-1550-2080 OC)
16GB Ram DDR-2 ecc reg
8 terabytes (8 x 1T drives)
ex8350 raid controller card
Dual Tagan 1100Watt Power Supplies (2200W)
Sony Blue Ray DVD Burner (Vrs 3)
Apple 30" Cinema LCD at 2560x1600 (version 2)
Windows Enterprise Server 2003 64-bit
Suse 10 64-bit, Vista 64-bit Ultimate
Stacker CM server case
Deck Legend Keyboard
...& plenty of blue lights.

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