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Default Re: Best MMORPG/RPG For PvP?

Originally Posted by UDawg
This doesn't make any sense. If a warrior in WoW didn't have charge or intercept he would never win any fight against a cloth wearer. Frost nova, deathcoil, root, concussive shot, scatter shot, fear, you name it the warrior would be a joke to pvp and his ONLY roll would be a meat shield for the cloth wearers to get urber gear to tear the warrior down even more.
Charge alone is ok, and since WoW is very good about not giving people to many sprint spells or abilities, once in melee range it can take some work to get out of it. Its the fact that charge can and is combo'd with hamstring so that there is 0 chance of escape for the 5 or so seconds a warrior with a high damage axe (dosnt even need to be a purple.. theres blues that will tear through tier 1) needs to own the caster.

Its not the charge.. its the snare that follows.
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