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First of all, anyone on Nutty's side I never want to talk to or be friends with.

2nd of all: Don't tell me waht to do.

3rd of all: The mods do jack all. I seriously doubt the new mods have it in them to be able to do anything other than give warnings.

4th of all: Isn't it normal to be pissed off at someone who flames not only you but others because of what they prefer?
What's more is that he is a hypocrite. He tells me to **** off because I prefer the R300 image, he tells me that there is blur on the image and the NV30 is sharper, though he fails to flame my other preference: QCX FSAA, which also blurs the image far more than anything.

What's more is that he tries to force his preference on others using his exceptional bully tactics. I will not be bullied into any of his rubbish.
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