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Default Works great - 1 time!

Wierdness details: Win98SE, Asus P3V4X P3 1ghz, 256mb cas 2 ram, GF4-TI4200, all of the latest drivers, 3Dmark 2001SE = 6986. Will run test indefinitely. No overclocking cpu or gpu. So the problem is, it will run any game the first time for as long as I can stand to play, no funny stuff. Starting the game a second time results in a total system lockup after 15 seconds up to 2 minutes. I am talking a wide range of games from Carmageddon TDR2000, to GTA3, with No One Lives Forever in between as far as age/technology. Re-booting, changing settings, disabling everything in the system tray, nothing makes a difference. If I'm able to play a game for the first time for as long as I want, but can never play again regardless of settings, and I change nothing in the system in between, can anyone guess what is going on? It's as if the games write a config file on exit that borks the game after a re-load. This system is otherwise 100% stable, and all of the games ran fine (albeit with lower framerates) with my prior Voodoo3 3000. I ran the setup redetection programs for all games prior to running with the new card. In all cases the new card was properly detected and the game ran fine the first time. I've read all of the postings that seemed relevant here including a post of the P3V4X being to "old", but my point is, if it will run perfectly once, why won't it run again?
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