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Well... since crickets are chirping... guess I'll post a little more...

This post is more for newbies than anything, but some of you vets may find something useful if you never used Suse (or haven't in a long time)...

After you install SLED 10 and run the updates... you go into the contol center and choose "Desktop Effects". This will most likey say "disabled" because you don't have a 3D video driver loaded yet.... the cool thing is when you try to enable it... it automatically installs a fairly recent nVidia or ATi driver (The Real drivers... not some Xorg unaccellerated hack) necessary and restarts X for you. No fuss no muss. Oh... make sure that you enable the extra repositories / keys durring the install so the video driver install will work.

Windows will then pop-up / explode like Mac OSX, have subtle transparency like Vista, ALT-Tabbing shows mini previews of windows instead of icons, and the workspaces (desktops) can be rotated like a cube in 3D space with CTRL-ALT-Left_Mouse_Button-DRAG (and if you add workspaces... say 6 total... it will be a hexagaon instead of a cube). You can also use a zoom feature for any portion of the desktop (For tiny font stuff), and there's another hotkey to layout all your windows in a mini format across the whole desktop. (Fun stuff) Some of it's useless like "wobbling window as you drag"... (I turned that off), or a rain effect on your desktop.

Beagle is what WinFS was supposed to do (But got cancelled by MS). The search feature lets you find applications, documents, cached web pages, images, Instant Message History, etc. etc. almost instantly, and catagorized for easy access. It's real easy to find stuff you tucked away and forgot where you put it.

As with any other distro... the media support sucks due to legalities in the US. Also, the Totem build uses Gstreamer which also sucks for external codecs. Anyway, just add the Packman repository detailed here:

and add both 10.0 and 10.1 directories (as 2 different added sources in YaST), ignore any synch or signing errors, then search for Xine-ui in YaST, and install it. The repository includes uhm... *cough* "questionable to the US" codecs in it's xine package. Google libdvdcss and get the RPM from the author's site... rightclick the RPM and choose Open with "Install Software". Now all your media should play (or at least most of it). Java, Acrobat, Flash, Real Player etc. are already working in Firefox (Novell is working real hard to get a lot of stuff legally "working out of the box"). Just make sure any mpegs, wmvs or other internet audio or video are pointed to xine automatically as you encouter them in Firefox. (I don't recommend using a media browser plug-in for the sheer fact the most of them crash the browser if you click on a bad encoded movie or whatever).

The final trick you may want to do is have a "Run as Root File Browser" at the ready... so you rightclick the desktop and "Create Launcher"... name it what you want, give it the icon you want, and on the command field type: gnomesu nautilus
Click ok. and now you have a file manager that runs as root (asks for root password). For non-clutter purposes... you can drag it on to the bottom panel by the sticky-note.. it will copy itself there (Quick Launch area)... then delete the desktop icon.

Since I mostly have stuck to Debian based distros... there was a good day an half of googling and cussing to figure all that out. Hope it saves some people the hassle.

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