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Default Re: AGPGART & IOMMU problem with AMD64 & FC5

I have the same problem and same out put

agpgart: Detected AGP bridge 0
agpgart: Aperture conflicts with PCI mapping.
agpgart: Aperture from AGP @ f0000000 size 4096 MB
agpgart: Aperture too small (0 MB)
agpgart: No usable aperture found.

Motherbord k8nsc, and im experiance problems when running with more then 1 DDR memory bank... Its running as shell server, so the graphics do not matter.

As said, the problem occurs when running with more then 1 memory bank (like 2 x 512 or 1x1GB/2x512) im getting kernel panics after a few hours, a day or meaby a few days...

Does the video card run with shared memory with this problem?! Then I can imagine the problem we experiance...
EDIT It seems that it does!!
Your BIOS doesn't leave a aperture memory hole
Please enable the IOMMU option in the BIOS setup
This costs you 64 MB of RAM
Mapping aperture over 65536 KB of RAM @ 4000000

Does this problem occurs with other linux distro's? We experianced the problems with centos 4.2 aswell.

Is there any solutions to this problem?!


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