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Default Re: 1.0-8762, AMD64, 6.1-RELEASE/i386, glXMakeCurrent lockup

Yes, FreeBSD's AGP is disabled (``kldstat -v | grep agp'' returns nothing), and it is just glxinfo that hangs, _not_ the entire system.

Note that it hangs at the point just before it's about to report "Direct Rendering: yes/no", therefore I don't know whether it considers direct rendering to be on or off :-). I have tried the 8762 driver with the NvAGP flag set to 3 as well as 1 (no difference).

Also, I can run the Linux google-earth port with no problems (which I've been led to believe makes use of hardware acceleration for textures etc), I can run the OSG bluemarble demo with no problems (which wraps two 400Meg TIFF files around the planet), and I can also run the OSG demo suite as well (mainly because the OSG libraries do not seem to call glXMakeCurrent()).

It seems I can hammer the OpenGL fairly thoroughly, _except_ for this one call inside glxinfo, _on_ this particular configuration (glxinfo works okay as-is on my normal P3 box).
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